• Extra Length Reamers with rush delivery options. We understand that a standard length reamer doesn’t cut it for every application. We are happy to offer Extra Length Reamers to accommodate those special situations, we offer a Standard Delivery and Rush Delivery.
  • Piloted Reamers with rush delivery available. Need a Piloted Reamer (a smaller diameter nose to work as an alignment guide before the reamer starts removing material)? We make a ton of them and are happy to quote per your specifications. We also offer Rush Delivery on Piloted Reamers for those occasions that require something quick, for example, a grounded aircraft.
  • 24 Hour turnaround time on special diameters. Here at Tri-Angle Precision Reamers, we stock parts in .0005″ increments which allows us a 24 hour turnaround time on special diameters, many times same day shipping.
  • Threaded Shank Reamers and Specials to Print. We also offer Threaded Shank Reamers, piloted or otherwise, and we offer specials to print, let us know what you need and you’ll hear back from us quicker than anyone else in the industry.

Here is the latest addition to the Tri-Angle Precision team as we strive to stay ahead of the competition to provide a superior product at an unmatched price for our customers.